For as long as people have been marketing on the internet, email has been a reliable, economical marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Study after study has shown that email marketing produces the highest Return on Investment of any marketing channel, for businesses of all sizes. Over the years, many innovative marketing tools have come and gone, but none has toppled email from its perch as the number one way to engage an online audience.

We help clients design, create and execute email marketing campaigns and programs that get results.

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

  • Email is everywhere: Virtually everyone has an email address, many of us more than one. Email marketing is the one communication channel that can reach pretty much everyone who uses the internet.
  • Email is direct and organized: Email, once delivered, is right in front of the recipient’s eyes. They can read and respond to email on their own timetable, and they can organize it for processing as it meets their needs. Unlike social media, email doesn’t depend on your message showing up in a random timeline or notification, it politely waits in the inbox for the receiver to react.
  • Email gives users a choice: Modern email marketing programs are permission-based. When conducted according to best practices and legal requirements, your emails go only to people who have agreed that they wish to receive it, and they are able to easily let you know if they are no longer interested in the information you are distributing.
  • Effective targeting and personalization: A well designed email program, along with effectively managed email lists, allows you to tailor your message to the specific interests of audience segments, and even to include details that are pertinent to each individual on your list.
  • Email is inexpensive: Above all, email is inexpensive to deliver, with a very low per-contact cost. Even a modest marketing budget can support email marketing campaigns.

Where Does Email Marketing Fit into Your Marketing Mix?

If you’re trying to develop or grow and digital marketing program, email marketing should be one of the first tools you consider. Especially for small businesses on a tight budget, email marketing can deliver a lot of bang for the buck. We often recommend that small businesses develop an email marketing initiative before considering more costly and risky types of marketing. Nearly every business can benefit from making email marketing a cornerstone of their online efforts.

How We Can Help with Your Email Marketing

  • Develop and grow lists of opt-in subscribers
  • Track and segment audience for optimum targeting
  • Create responsive email formats that will display correctly and read easily on all device sizes
  • Create and test compelling headlines
  • Create interesting, compelling content, without sales hype
  • Develop clear calls to action and links to relevant content on your website
  • Monitor deliverability and open rates and compliance with anti-spam laws and practices to maximize deliverability

Talk To Us About Your Email Marketing Needs

Your initial consultation is always free, without cost or obligation. We’ll discuss your email marketing needs and together decide whether it makes sense for us to work together.